The works of all the participants is judge by a professional team of illustrators. They meet several times and do not always agree with each other.
First there is the longlist. That’s is not as difficult as making a short list. Than there is the top 10.
Finally at the end of the last day coming together, the winner had been pointed out.
In 2015 they all agreed unanimous: the stArt Award winner is Oona Mäkelä from Finland.

At the picture you will see the judge and team members from left to right:
Gert Jan Pos (judge), Steef Wildenbeest (judge & stArt Award winner 2012), Judy Elfferich (author), Ilse Bos (author), Bianca Boer (author), Jet Manrho (editor-in-chief), Klaas Verplancke (judge & illustrator), Jesse Strikwerda (judge & stArt Award winner 2014), Xander Wiersma (designer), Jeroen Funke (judge & illustrator), Lea Vervoort (judge & stArt Award winner 2013).